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I am a writer and a licensed spiritual director, and the mother of three adult children. I am actively involved in the Anglican parish of St. Aidan, Moose Jaw, where my husband is the priest. My life has been deeply shaped by years of ministry in the Indian subcontinent, in Lithuania and as administrative staff at Regent College, Vancouver and Cranmer Hall, University of Durham, England.



The spring melt here in southern Saskatchewan came finally despite a ridiculously huge and much resented snowstorm on April 20. Along the highway north of our city, water filled roadside ditches and spread across fields, turning farmhouses into “lakeside property.” At last, the sky rang with the calls of flocks of geese. Outdoors, people walked…


“You’re 40! You’re 40! You’re 40! You. Are. 40! YOU are the oldest person in this house! And next year, you’ll be 41!”   The staccato phrases burst from Evan’s mouth. He bounced up and down on his toes, his excitement palpable, hands clapping, then clasped tightly as he leaned eagerly forward to look me full…

Wolfe Island

The older, bearded fellow with whom we chatted while walking off the Wolfe Island ferry strode quickly towards where Emily and I waited below the “Ferry Shuttle” sign. A few minutes earlier, he had explained that we would catch the school bus/shuttle by waiting where we stood between the shed and the bathroom. Now he…

“Darlene Pinter has been living a grace-filled life with God, and growing in that grace. How wonderful it is that now she is sharing her insights and discoveries and passing them on. I know that what she now offers to a broader readership is “worthwhile” in the most generous sense of the word.” 

Luci Shaw, author/poet, “The Generosity,” and “The Thumbprint in the Clay”

“I have known Darlene Pinter for years, and my respect and admiration for her and her work and presence in the world just keeps growing. Whether it’s her writing — which is clear, honest and lovely — or her careful attentiveness in conversation and journeying together, she is a voice to trust and a friend to keep.”

Karen Stiller, Author of “The Minister’s Wife: a memoir of faith, doubt, friendship, loneliness, forgiveness and more,” and a senior editor of Faith Today